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Main Lakes


The Main Lakes on Highway 24

 "The Main Lakes"
Flyfishing, Spincast or Belly Boating are all effective styles of fishing along The Fishing Hwy. The following lakes are in order as if you were traveling west on Hwy 24 from Hwy 5. Just click on the resort name and it will take you to their web site.

South Cariboo Map

Birch Lake
Birch Lake is a small lake at the east end of this area, there is a 10 hp restriction.

Lac des Roches
This 9 km, 1624 acres lake that is up to 150 feet deep produces Rainbows to 6 pounds and also hosts Gerrard and Burbot (fresh water cod). Lac des Roches has sunken islands, weed beds and a world renown Mayfly hatch the first week of June. The west end of the lake has a speed restriction helping to keep this an enjoyable fly fishing and canoeing lake.

Eagle Island Resort

Wavey Lake
Wild stock Rainbows of 1 pound can be caught all summer long by trolling or fly fishing.
Machette Lake
Two pound Rainbows can be caught along with Kokanee. This 1,086 acres lake with maximum depth of 32.8 feet has a 2 catch limit, barb less hook restriction and is closed to fishing January 1- April 30th.
Bridge Lake
Bridge is 7 km long, 3,384 acres and up to 154 feet deep. Lakers to 20 pounds, Rainbows to 5 and Kokanne to 4 pounds with trolling as the most effective method.
Bonaparte Lake
Average Rainbow is 3 to 4 pounds, but also some trophy fish up to 12 pounds. This is a 16 km lake of 83,175 acres with depths up to 321 feet. Dolly Varden & Kokanee are also found in this clear, cold lake.
Hammer Lake
Fishing a little tougher in May & June due to all the natural food found here, but after that the average catch is 4 to 7 pounds, a record of 13.5 pounds. Spinning, trolling and flies all work.
Eagan Lake
This 1,014 acres lake is 82 feet deep and offers Rainbows to 5 pounds. Lake closed Jan 1- Apr 30
Sharpe Lake
Fly fishing for Rainbows to 5 pounds on this little 172 acres lake. Car topper launching only.
Crystal Lake
Cooler months are best for catching Rainbows in the 3+ pounds size. Spinning, trolling, fly fishing all work in this 135 acres lake. Car toppers and electric motors only.
Sheridan Lake
This is the trophy fishing lake of the area with Rainbows up to 10 pounds, averaging 3-5 pounds. This is an island and weed bed studded lake of 4,098 acres and up to 115 feet deep. You can also land some beautiful Brook trout in this lake. Sheridan is also considered a good water sport lake, offering the opportunity for a well rounded holiday.
Ruth Lake
May and June are the best months to launch your car topper and catch Rainbows to 2 pounds using fly, spinning or trolling gear.
Hawkins Lake
This 5 km lake can produce Rainbows to 2 pounds. Bring your car topper. There is a 10 km speed restriction on this lake.
Deka Lake
This 14 km long, 2,849 acres lake is up to 300 feet deep and produces Rainbows averaging 1.5 pounds, Kokanee, and Lakers up to 20 pounds. Spinning gear and trolling works best.
Sulphurous Lake
6.5 km long, 941 acres and up to 154 feet deep, produces Rainbows, Lakers, Kokanee and Char. Rainbows up to 5 pounds. Car toppers can be launched here.
Higgins Lake
Car toppers and electric motors on this Rainbow producing lake.
Hathaway Lake
Hathaway is 5 km long, 1,488 acres and up to 148 feet deep. This lake produces Rainbows from 4 to 8 pounds and trolling, spinning gear or fly fishing all work best in the cooler months.
Drewry Lake
At 1,397 acres and up to 129 feet deep trolling with spinning gear works best to land the Rainbows up to 4 pounds. Not a mid summer producer.
Needa Lake
This 464 acres lake produces wild Rainbows to 1.5 pounds taken mostly by trolling. Car toppers only, steep access in to this lake.
Canim Lake
Canim lake is very large ...37 km, 13,859 acres and up to 650 feet deep. It is host to Kokanee, Rainbows, Lakers and Burbot. Fly fishing is usually successful in the spring but trolling is preferred. Caution for small craft, weather watching is important due to large swells that may arise with little notice.
Horse Lake
Horse Lake boasts that you can catch Lake Trout, Kokanee and Rainbows on a fly. How about trolling for Lake Trout up to 33 pounds. Horse Lake is 18 km long and up to 113 feet deep.
Bowers Lake
You should check road conditions before attempting to go into this lake. Bowers is a 11 km long lake of 1488 acres and up to 180 feet deep. Rainbows to 2 pounds are landed with spinning or trolling gear all summer long. Car toppers only.
Howard Lake
Car toppers only on the 10 hp restricted lake. Road conditions to the lake can be poor in wet weather, but worth it to land 5 pound Rainbows with a fly. This lake is 412 acres and up to 110 feet deep.
Mahood Lake
Large lake that storm watching is required on. Mahood has large Rainbows, Kokanee and Lakers to 10 pounds throughout the summer, and Char to 20 pounds. Trolling is the most favoured but spinning gear and fly fishing works at mouths of the streams on this lake.
Fawn Lake
Fawn is the smaller of the main resort lakes at 79 acres and fishing for Rainbows is usually consistent throughout the summer. The lake is restricted to electric motors.
Irish Lake
This little 68.9 acres lake is quite shallow with depths to 26 feet. This is a fly fishing lake with an abundance of natural invertebrates. It is aerated throughout the winter.
Watch Lake
This 5 km long, 645 acres lake is up to 48 feet deep produces Rainbows to 5 pounds. Spinning, trolling or fly fishing all work well under the 8 km speed restriction.
Green Lake
This 15 km lake is considered a water sport lake, but trolling could still get you a 1 to 8 pound Rainbow

Pressy Lake
There is a 10 km speed restriction on this 141 acres lake. Pressy is a reliable producer of 1.5 pound Rainbows throughout the summer.
Young Lake
Rainbows to 4 pounds and Kokanee can be taken all summer using a fly, spinning gear or trolling. This 622 acres lake is up to 217 feet deep and has an abundance of caddis fly and scuds.

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